Week 5 Internship reflection

Phew what a week. By what a week I really mean wow Thursday was awful. I attempted to submit another proposal. Lets just say that everything quite literally blew up in my face. It was for hotel lodging for the government and day of submission I had 2 hotels back out after I thought they were on board then after I submitted another one backed out. I got chewed out on the phone by some people and then my boss wanted me to change and add all of this work to my proposal with like 15 minutes before the deadline. I was not happy as I was working on this all day while others were just joking around and having a grand ole time. I get that sometimes work falls on others differently but man that was not my day. In changing my document so many times I did not notice that my formatting was off in a few places and it just made the entire proposal look sloppy after I had worked so hard on it and had it good to go for days until I had to change it right before the deadline. So yeah that was fun, just kidding. The more and more I work this office job I question if office work is for me. I do not feel the satisfaction of “working” sitting behind a screen all day. I have nothing to show of my work. It doesn’t feel like work it feels like tasks and I am a hands on person and I want to work with people. This is also the first “white collar” job I have ever had so that was quite an adjustment for me as well. Maybe sales just isn’t for me as I have just felt worse and worse about working doing this job I hope things change and I wonder if it is because I am in a weird spot being still in school and working a serious job. It is very interesting to say the least.